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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 25, 2011 12:00pm-12:28pm PST

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ice tomorrow. that could be a problem early on in the commute. and you got that freezing air and freeze warnings up in parts of the north bay. and, of course, you have a lot of clouds out there now. let's go to christin ayers in santa rosa. first she was in that pounding rain this morning. now she is looking for snow. christin. >> reporter: hey there, lawrence. it's sunny and beautiful here in santa rosa but we can see where some of that snow did dust earlier on. you can see the mountains just north of santa rosa and you can clearly see some beautiful dusting right up there. that's where some of the snow came down. didn't get what we were hoping for down here at the lower elevations, looking for some snowflakes down here, didn't find them today. we are on a bit of a weather goose chase finding rain and wind in the san francisco bay area and then coming out to santa rosa. this area has been hit hard by rain. if you take a walk with me over here, you can see where the flooding happened. definitely some areas flooded
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out here. we actually got our truck stuck in some of this ground that's become sort of muddy here. despite the fact that the snow has not hit yet in this area, caltrans is ready with their trucks. if you take a look at our video, we got a chance to visit out to calistoga where they had plows ready for snow. they are ready to come through and scoop that right up. caltrans told me these trucks will be on standby today and tomorrow. they have a whole fleet of them out there and ready to go. so they certainly are prepared in case any snow hits this area. but again, right now, ever since that pounding rain earlier today, we really just have been seeing a mix of sun and clouds out here. it's warmed up quite a bit. a little bit of a chill in the air. so definitely some possibility as the precipitation comes back around for some snowflakes. so we'll certainly have our eye out for it today but really it's been everything you can imagine. the snow up in the mountains,
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flooding down here, the winds and we'll just have to see what happens over the next 4 hours. back to you. >> thank you. you were in the middle of a downpour this morning. we gave you a little sunshine right now. enjoy. >> reporter: i appreciate it. >> christin ayers in santa rosa, thanks so much. powerful winds ripping through san francisco this morning. take a look. strong gusts taking down a tree and power pole. this was on buchanan street between bush and pine. the road was closed down as crews worked to clean up the mess. firefighters and police also on the scene. >> more than 1,000 people without electricity this afternoon. that's not fun. the storm has taken out power across the bay area. 180 customers without power on the peninsula, about 430 outages reported in the north bay. 450 in the south bay. in san francisco, 350 homes are without electricity. and the east bay is seeing fewer outages, just 40. want to let you know, you can always find the latest storm-related news on our
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website, you can also find interactive hi-def doppler for your neighborhood. just click on the weather tab. well, this wet weather has delayed authorities from removing a body from a backyard in novato. but 45 minutes ago, the body was removed after the sides of the hole are shored up. the body was discovered under a patio. official believe it is 74-year- old dale smith who hasn't been seen in months. his wife is a person of interest. her attorney told the "chronicle" smith died of natural causes and she buried him in the backyard. other headlines around the bay area today, some strange new evidence in one of the silicon valley's longest running mysteries. the 2001 disappearance of jeannine harms. the family of the chief suspect maurice in hismy gave police women's clothing shoes and a small back of hair all found insides nasmeh's home. it's not clear if it's connected to harms. last month nasmeh was shot and
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killed by harms' brother and he then killed himself. the san jose helicopter is too expensive to operate on a regular basis so it will be grounded except for emergencies. the city has a massive deficit and they warn of potential layoffs. >> it's not for routine emergency, day-to-day operation. we are keeping it on the ground to measure the impact. but at the end of the day if we had an earthquake where we needed to have that asset, or something, obviously we would fly it. >> the police union supports the move saying it's more important to have officers on the street. air 2 costs about $1.4 million a year to operate. protestors in libya met with a hail of bullets. the surprise message from leader moammar qaddafi and how a dating site is fueling the uprising. >> pain relief without medicine. the answer may be sitting right next to you. we'll explain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forces opened fire on protesters. today -- embattled ruler moammar qaddafi appeared in another day of violence in libya where pro-government forces opened fire on protestors. today embattled ruler moammar qaddafi appeared in tripoli vowing to defeat the uprising and telling his supporters to celebrate. and just a short time ago, the u.s. closed its embassy in libya's capital because of the deteriorating situation. the white house says the u.s. is moving forward with plans to impose unilateral sanctions on libya in response to the violence there. just a few moments ago a u.s. chartered ferry carrying americans evacuated libya. it arrived in malta. government militias met with the crowds and gunfire and witnesses described chaos and bloodshed. so far, benghazi is the largest
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city to fall into rebel hands. because qaddafi's regime is monitoring facebook and twitter, the protesters have come up with a different way to communicate. one opposition leader created a profile on the arab world's equivalent of and came one secret codes to gauge support and direct people to other sites for conversations. meantime, the u.n. security council will meet tomorrow to discuss sanctions against qaddafi's regime for his violent crackdown on protestors. a happy ending for a survivor of the new zealand earthquake. she got married today. three days ago emma howard was trapped under her office building. the 6.3 quake brought the roof crashing down on her workstation. she was stuck for six hours and finally rescued. the couple decided to go ahead with the wedding. here she is. they have been planning this for months. >> it's been a crazy week. today it has a happy ending.
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>> howard was unharmed except for some bruising when she was pulled out of that rubble. the earthquake has claimed at least 113 lives, hundreds of others are still missing. well, early this morning, the wisconsin assembly signed off on a budget bill string public workers from collective bargaining rights. the vote disappointed demonstrators gathered by the thousands at the state capital. but they are determined to keep up the protest until the deal is done in the senate. manuel gallegus reports from madison. >> reporter: die-hard demonstrators dug in for another day of protests after defeat in the wisconsin state assembly. >> luckily there is still one more house to go. >> reporter: the assembly republicans called a vote this morning ending collective bargaining rights for most public workers. after more than 60 hours of debate, the longest in the chamber's history, the ayes had it. >> there are 51-17.
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it passes. >> reporter: democrat never had the votes to defeat the legislation but express the outrage against the process. >> even if they felt we were saying things too many times, we have that right. >> reporter: state troopers provided security for republican lawmakers as they left the building. >> we debated this for many hours. enough is enough. >> reporter: the bill is now in the hands state of the senate and it can't take any action until at least one of the 14 missing senators comes back to work. those senators have said they will return when governor scott walker is willing to compromise. the governor says he is not budging and that if the bill isn't passed soon, layoff notices will go out next week. demonstrators like chris and lisa say the state could be in for an even bigger battle. >> if it gets passed, there's probably going to be a general strike. neither of us is directly affected because we have schoolteachers who are friends, nurse, my mother is a public schoolteacher. >> reporter: they are encouraging their democratic senators to keep away from the
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capital. manuel gallegus, cbs news, madison, wisconsin. doing two things at once? we all do it. we'll tell you why multitasking may be hazardous to your health. >> a lot of rain and wind here,er from powder in the sierra. a look at how they are handling all that snow when we come back. >> lots of heavy snow up there. we have seen some snow around the bay area. how much more could we see? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's cold and blustery.. and snow plows are out i force. this winter storm is bringing a lot of snow to the
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sierra. it's cold and blustery and the snow plows are out in full force. >> nick janes in pollock pines with how much snow needs to be cleared. >> reporter: it isn't the first and won't be the last time the plows will have to clear out this safeway parking lot. but at least that guy has a heater, because we also talked to the man who is responsible for shoveling out all the entryways to the nearby businesses. it's never goes to stop? >> no. i'll be on it all day. >> reporter: a man and his shovel versus the snow that refuses to stop. do you ever get a break? >> yes, when i walk to the next job, yeah. >> reporter: if larry perkins keeps up this pace all day, he will make more than $120 and burn more than 3,000 calories. >> maybe an upgrade to a snow blower would be nice, though. >> that would be great. but it keeps me in shape. i'm not too bad for 49. >> reporter: the roads are another story. the chp is dealing with dozens of crashes and spinouts on highway 50 alone.
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snow levels are expected to drop near 1,000 feet by nightfall but snow is already on the ground outside placerville around 2,000 feet. pollock pines and the same n storm also bringing some snow to the far north bay. >> nick has snow plows, we've got snow plows. we have been getting lots of great photos from lake county. a sergeant in lakeport sending us this one. hey, he definitely needs a shovel. >> he looks happy, too. [ laughter ] >> like a little kid. we're all excited about it. >> it's kind of fun. and rusty in clearlake sent us a nice shot. well, we're still kind of waiting around this neck of the woods. but christin had a great shot of the mountains up in the north bay. >> and a lot of sunshine, too. it's coming, it's out there huh? >> yeah. that cold front has gone by and now we have the arctic air. it's blustery. boy, does it feel chilly but we are seen sun right now. we are going to see scattered
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showers toward the afternoon. but that cold air is in place. so we get some of those cold showers and boy, you know, you could see some snow flurries all the way down to sea level, possible, as we head in toward the latter part of the afternoon and the evening. the doppler radar is picking up on the cold front sliding through. that brought with it a heavy band of rain. you see heavy snow in the sierra nevada where they are getting dumped on, winter storm warnings up there. they could see, get this, 20 to 30" of snow between now and about tomorrow morning. so they got a whole lot of snow in their direction. it looks like this system is going to continue to slide in toward the bay area just a bit and bring with it some more scattered showers. some of that just lingering off the coast and you have some of the stuff just to the north here. that's going to start to drag down further south, as well. all right. and looks like the rain that moved through early on pretty impressive. as a matter of fact, since midnight we picked up over 2.5" of rain in boulder creek. san jose almost two inches. that's a lot of rain. over 1.5" in mill valley and,
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well, danville checked in about an inch and a third. a lot of rain around the bay area not done just yet. maybe even a little snow if we get lucky. all right. very latest satellite image shows some of the clouds off the coastline. we hit a dry slot behind the cold front. typical. you have a cold storm system moving on through. behind that starting to pick up moisture off the pacific. it's going to begin to move this onshore. it is not going to be a snowout around the bay area. but what we could see are some pockets of snow developing. temperatures right now are running in the 40s and 50s so going to have to be colder than that to get that snow going but it looks like we have a shot anyway toward the afternoon and the evening hours. that low comes dropping down the coastline another one right about here. and that means we are going to stay unsettled looks like for tonight with that cold air in place and the chance of a couple of snowflakes. overnight, could be impressive. the winter weather advisory in the north bay is going up into parts of the east bay and the santa cruz mountains as we are
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probably going to see some heavier snowfall overnight. computer models picking up on scattered showers throughout the afternoon and occasional snowflakes moving through. stops at 8:00 here but looks like a good wave starts to move through the north bay and then the focus will turn to the south and i think over the santa cruz mountains tonight you could see some heavier amounts of snow falling in some places upwards of nine inches across some of the higher peaks. toward the weekend got some plans? cold tomorrow? freeze warnings in effect in the north bay chance of showers but drying out sunday and monday a chance of rain returns on tuesday. that's a look at weather, back to you. >> can you play snow golf? >> sure. >> oh, okay. >> absolutely. >> not very well but you can play. >> that's what they might be playing this weekend. lawrence, thanks very much. you have a few free minutes but 10 things that have to get done? you multitask, right? but new research shows it's really getting us nowhere fast. you watch tv, you check your e- mails, you read the paper, mane maybe answer a text.
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well, we now consume three times more media than we did 50 years ago. and psychiatrists say all that multitasking can be hazardous to your health. >> the brain gets disrupted, heart rate is increased, muscle tension is increased, blinking is faster, a sure sign of stress. >> only 3% of people can effectively multitask. the rest get distracted and can't concentrate. [ laughter ] >> exit, stage right. some say love is a drug. >> but new studies show it can actually take away the pain. researchers at stanford university found that look at an image of a romantic partner reduces pain by 36 to 44%. that is as much as a narcotic like cocaine. >> wow. students' brains were sunday to mri scans while -- subjected to mri scans while heated was applied to their skin. when it focused on the loved
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one's image, it dulled the area of the brain that processes pain. >> that way you will have a life-sized poster on your dis. >> you know when you is sexiest? >> when he is fixing something! >> like your flat tire. prince william and kate middleton returned to the place where they met and fell in love today, that's at saint andrews university in scotland. they came to celebrate the school's 600th anniversary. thousands of fans braved icy winds to catch a glimpse of the royal couple looking fetching i might add. at the university william and kate studied art history together and shared a house with friends in town. they were just friends at first but we know what happened after that. >> this is a very special moment for catherine and me t feels like we are coming home. >> the two will be married at westminster abbey ten years
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after they first met. >> a long romance. >> it looks like hollywood's bad boy finally went too far. charlie sheen's bizarre rant that prompted cbs to pull the plug on a show, "two and a half men." tell you about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today's tip of the day is lemon plums. they come to the market from
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>> looks good, too. cbs pulling the plug on "two and a half men" for the rest of the season. >> this after charlie sheen lashed out at the show's producers on a radio show. >> last time i checked, chaim, i have spend spent, i think, close to the last decade, i don't know, effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold. look what i'm dealing with, man, i'm dealing with trolls. >> you figure he has money but what about his staff? >> he is getting $2 million an episode. what's he thinking. >> have a great weekend. enjoy the show, it's coming, folks.
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>> steffy: okay, this needs to go down to alterations. bring this to thorne's office a.s.a.p. oh, and i need the production schedule of the last quarter, all of the numbers. >> madison: which numbers? >> steffy: inventory, sales, production.


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